Florida Eastern Star Grand Families

Ramey-Beachem Grand Family

April 1944 - April 1946 *

Worthy Grand Matron - Mabelle Ramey, Miami Beach Chapter #143

Worthy Grand Patron - P. J. Beachem, St. Augustine Chapter #12

Associate Grand Matron - Bessie Christian, Ocala Chapter #29

Associate Grand Patron - James V. Inabinet, Areme Chapter #147 (Tampa)

Grand Secretary - Mae T. Donovan, PGM, Daytona Chapter #1 (Daytona Beach)

Grand Treasurer - Lillian R. Britton, Titusville Chapter #6

Grand Conductress - Opal Bartow, Bethlehem Chapter #169 (St. Petersburg)

Associate Grand Conductress - Elizabeth Penn, Port Tampa Chapter #178

Grand Chaplain - Jennie V. Gore, Little River Chapter #172

Grand Marshal - Lillian Johnston, Miami Beach Chapter #143

Grand Organist - Lily Dale Touchtone, Harmony Chapter #148

Grand Adah - Ruth Desha, Waldo Chapter #120

Grand Ruth - Hazel Sears, Hialeah Chapter #153

Grand Esther - Dola Varner, Fort Myers Chapter #31

Grand Martha - Emmalu Brown, Tallahassee Chapter #119

Grand Electa - Gertrude Grasnick, Lake Worth Chapter #111

Grand Warder - Florence Carter, Milton Chapter #189

Grand Sentinel - Charles W. Gutteridge, Fort Lauderdale Chapter #159

* Due to a government edict during World War II against assemblies of more than 50 people, the 1945 Grand Chapter Session was not held and the Grand Officers were retained in office for a second year.