Our Past Grand Matrons, Past Grand Patrons & Past Grand Officers

April 2004 - Present


Joy W. Feit and Coy J. Beasley


2004 - 2005 (The Joy of Life Session)

Feit-Beasley Grand Family

2005 Cruise


Beverly J. Newton and George D. Benham


2005 - 2006 (The Visions in Time Session)

Newton-Benham Grand Family

Charlene Williams and Robert Welch

2006 - 2007  (Garden of Dreams Session)

Williams-Welch Grand Family

Alice Peters and Charles Denman

2007-2008 (The Garden of Peace Session)


Peters-Denman Grand Family

Joann Heath and Gus Green

2008-2009 (The Gardens of Past, Present and Future Session)

Heath-Green Grand Family


Sylvia J. Morrow and James McCann

2009-2010 (There are Angels Among Us Session)

Morrow-McCann Grand Family

Lois Anne Wolfe and Robert A. Lundy

2010-2011 (Peace and Love Session)

Wolfe-Lundy Grand Family

Lois A. Mock and Carl Hargrove

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2011-2012 (Musical Garden of Faith Session)


Mock - Hargrove Grand Family

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Harriette M. Peebles  and  Dale Meadows

2012-2013 (  Guidig Light Session)

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Peebles - Meadows Grand Family

Judy Covey  and  Joe Earnhardt

2013-2014 ( Radiant Rays of Friendship Session )

Covey - Earnhart Grand Family

Floye S. Hyslop  and  Jim Marshall  

2014-2015 (To God Be The Glory Session)

Hyslop - Marshall  Grand Family

Betty J. Beasley and  Michael E. Harrell  

2015-2016 (The Showers of Blessings Session)

Beasley - Harrell  Grand Family 

Linda Ray Every and  Paul Main

2016-2017 (Our Time In History Session)

Every - Main Grand Family 

Barbara Blanton and James W. Ford

2017-2018 (A Cup of Kindness Session)

Blanton - Ford Grand Family 

Sharon Strosnider and Billy Williams

2018-2019 (Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbow Session)

Strosnider - Williams Grand Family