The Grand Chapter of Florida,

Order of the Eastern Star

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2019 Session Forms:

          Tentative Program      2019 Florida Grand Chapter Tentative Program (April 16 - 18, 2019)   updated 11/24/2018

          Grand Chapter Reg    2019 Florida Grand Chapter Pre-Registration Form.pdf (April 16-17, 2019)  -  updated 04/22/2018

          Hotel Res                   2020 Florida HOTEL RESERVATION FORM.pdf   (April 19-23, 2019)  -  updated 05/25/2019

          Social Events              2019 Florida Social Events Registration Form.pdf  (typable) -  updated 09/30/2018


          Scooter Flyer              Scooter Rental Medco - For Grand Chapter     - updated 11/28/2018

          Scooter Flyer 2           Scooter Rental Action  - For Grand Chapter     - updated 05/25/2019


          Stagecoach RV           Stagecoach RV Park - For Grand Chapter    -  updated 11/29/2018


          Grand Choir               2019 Grand Choir Invitation form -  updated 11/25/2018 Rehearsal on MONDAY


          Corsage Order Form   2019 Grand Representatives of Florida - Updated 1/22/2019

Secretary Forms available online:

ANNUAL REPORT                               

          Annual Report (2018)                                   PDF         WPD           MS WORD   updated 12/16/2018

          Annual Report Instructions (2018)                  PDF                                 MS WORD   updated 12/16/2018

          Official Inspection Form                                PDF                            MS WORD  - .doc updated 03/25/2018


          Demit                                                             PDF                         MS WORD  updated 4/22/2016

          Demit to Terminate Dual Membership               PDF                        MS WORD  - .doc updated 03/25/2018

          Notice of Termination Dual Membership           PDF                        MS WORD

          Demit to Terminate Plural Membership             PDF                        MS WORD   - .doc updated 03/25/2018

          Notice of Termination Plural Membership         PDF

          Lost Demit                                                              PDF                        MS WORD   - .doc updated 03/25/2018


          Request for Disaster Assistance                         PDF  - updated 09/02/2019


          Dues Notice                                                            PDF                        MS WORD  updated 6/27/2016

          Non-Payment of Dues                                           PDF                        MS WORD

          Notice of Suspension                                            PDF                        MS WORD


          Finance Guidelines  (Subordinate Chapter)       PDF

          Election Guidelines  (Subordinate Chapter)       PDF


          Report of Accident/Injury                                       PDF                        MS WORD updated 7/26/2017

          Insurance for Special Events                                PDF updated 6/25/2017

          Insurance Certificate Lodge                                 PDF


          Certificate of Good Standing 72015                   PDF                        MS WORD    - .doc updated 03/25/2018

          Certificate of Membership                                    PDF                        MS WORD  

          Certificate of Membership Dual                           PDF                        MS WORD  


          Deceased Member Information                           PDF     

               (to Grand Chaplain)

          Fifty Year Membership                                         PDF                         MS WORD

          Officers Elected                                                     PDF (2019)             MS WORD  (2019) - (updated 02/14/2019)

          Member Update                                                    PDF                         MS WORD

          Minutes Template                                                   PDF                         MS WORD  

          Notice To Primary Chapter Of

          Election to Plural Membership                             PDF                        MS WORD  - (updated 3/27/2016)

          Perpetual Membership  (rev 2017)                           PDF                        MS WORD  - (updated 05/18/2018)

          Proficiency Excellency Program "Registation Form"-Rev2  - (updated 4/19/2019)

          Proficiency Excellency Program Flyer 2019-2020  - (updated 4/5/2019)

          Proficiency Excellency Rules (updated 4/5/2019)

          Proficiency Attendance                                          PDF                  MS WORD

          Request for Special Dispensation                        PDF -  (updated (fixed) 3/22/2018)

          Resume (Rev 2017)                                            PDF                   MS WORD  - (updated 8/1/2017)

          Rob Morris Membership Program 2018-2021    PDF - (updated 12/28/2018)


   Misc Forms from Committee Chairman

          Grand Representatives      2018-2019 GRAND REPRESENTATIVES´┐Ż ASSOCIATION Membership Dues Update Form   - (updated 07/06/2018)


          CANCER                       2018-2019 CANCER_LETTER.pdf  (updated 10/17/2018)


          ESTARL                      2018-2019 ESTARL_LETTER.pdf (updated 05/02/2018)


                PDF    ESTARL Application    ESTARL Renewal    ESTARL Requirements  (updated 1/14/2018) Rev.2017


                MS Word    ESTARL Application    ESTARL Renewal    ESTARL Requirements  (updated 1/14/2018) Rev.2017




          Membership                2018-2019 Membership_Committee_Letter  updated 04/19/2018


          S.H.E.A.F.                    SHEAF_APPLICATION.pdf


           Worthy Grand Matron Special Project          2018-2019 WGM Special Project Letter  updated 04/19/2018


          EasternStar Journal    Order Form   updated 11/10/2018



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